Couldn’t sleep. Craving for cookies. I ended up doing this… LOL

Blue sky
My 1st time to use acrylic. This is still unfinished, just felt like posting.

2008 boXed

Group Exhibit

This was last year. I just saw a poster and thought of posting it here.

boXed 2008

Mixed media


He is pure light and He seeps through
our eyes down to our hearts
Then out our mouths
There our rotten and filthy souls
Are exposed.

I see no goodness in me.
No kindness, no mercy.
No love. No righteousness.
None of my own.
To sum up what’s in there
I could only think of one word

But The Blood of His Son
Poured out on us
From head, down to our toes
Soaking every gut
Every heart
Every thought
All drenched
His purity and holiness exposed

What a Beautiful Exchange that is
Our filth for His righteousness
Our rejection for His acceptance
Our nothing for His everything
Our stubbornness is nothing compared
To His stubborn Love

Arrested and taken. We are His.

“Now behold the Lamb”
I hear
“Holy! Holy! Holy!”
I hear
Age of old declarations
I hear
I followed the voices and they brought
Me inside of me
It’s my soul that couldn’t stop singing praises
Unto Him
Oh, I will forever be grateful!

And as the hymnal goes
~And the voices of a million angels
Could not express my gratitude
All that I am and ever hope to be
I owe it all to Thee~

Then I realized this is more than an awakening.
This is

To God be all the Glory, Honor and Praise!

February 7, 2013 

*photo: personal sketch journal


I just took things at face value
I mean literally
It is what it is
An image in high
Black and white
It reminds me of the ivories
And how you tickle them
I must have painted the crescendos too
I studied your face
Every curve, every crease
The troughs and the shadows
I witnessed them all
I sketched your frame
I measured your features
Knowing one day they will change
You will grow
You will mature
You will have more expressions or
Maybe less
Time will tell
I used painterly strokes
And enjoyed every bit of it
Every mistake is a lesson
I erase it as it comes
Then I paint again
But this captured time
Is what I tried to convey
Stilliness, contemplation
A bit of confusion
Or calculation
I don’t know
You’re looking away
So I can’t see any reflection
In your eyes
But this is just a portrait of you
It is what it is
At face value.

December 24, 2012

While waiting for a friend.

Digital doodle.

mixed media 2008

Not all stains are created equal.